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Ashley Foy
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United States

Hello there! Welcome to my page! I am just your average animal artist. I don't consider myself a furry, however-I do have respect for furries and a interest in the artsy side of the community. My character Valentine is NOT my fursona, in fact- I don't have a fursona. My latest obsession is Fairy Tail, Pokemon and the color green. You Have been warned. HehHeh~✦

*~ My Furaffnity | My Youtube |My Tumblr| My Weasyl| My Storenvy ~*

Got a random question for me? Feel free and head over to my tumblr and leave a message.~❤
Commissions & TOS Information
Commission Waiting List

Ham Ham Stamp by kalot3000ne shiteru? by lynseylewStamp: Arashi no Yoru ni by Harumi-ChanNintendo Junkie by Twilight-ReaperPantherlily Stamp by whiteflamingoFT Gajeel and Levy Stamp by FannochkaTadakichi-san An Stamp by xnekomatax:Identity Stamp by GreekCelticKyubey Stamp by Melodious-Muse OHSHC Stampz: HikaHaru Cookie by acww-freak08 Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSanStudio Ghibli Love by ReverieSummoner: .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot
  • Mood: Zeal
~*~*General Prices~*~*~

~Digital Sketch:~
Feral- $3
Anthro- $6
Feral- $5
Anthro- $10
$1 Extra for each additional character.
Tank in the rain by xAshleyMxOi, Get Off Me by xAshleyMxMy Most Desired Puppy by xAshleyMx

~Digital Colored Picture:~
-Without Background-
Feral- $8
Anthro- $13
-With Background-
Feral- $15
Anthro- $20
$2 Extra for each additional character.

At Dusk, We Play by xAshleyMxNo Respect In This Pack by xAshleyMxI'm feeling quite peachy, Jeremy by xAshleyMx

~NEW~'Thick Lined' Digital Colored Picture:~
-Without Background-
Feral- $15
Anthro- $20
-Simple Background-
Feral- $15
Anthro- $20
-Detailed Background-
Feral- $25
Anthro- $30
$5 Extra for each additional character.
Aye-Aye-Aye by xAshleyMxExceed!FT- Future Twin Dragons by xAshleyMxLook At Her, How Pathetic by xAshleyMx

-Still Icon- $5
-Animated Icon- $10 
Akela Icon Commission by xAshleyMxI whip my hair back and forth by xAshleyMxKeesa icon by xAshleyMx

~Digital Convention Badges:~
  • Headshot- $10
  • Half Body- $15
  • Full Body- $20
$5 for Shipping in USA
$10 Shipping International
-Includes lamination and badge clip.-
Senshine Badge by xAshleyMxZardis Badge by xAshleyMx

~Custom Buttons~
-One Button-
Headshot - $4
Fullbody- $6
-Set of 4 Buttons-
Headshot - $8
Fullbody- $12
$7 for Shipping in USA
$10 for Shipping International
Animal Buttons by xAshleyMxCustom Buttons- Reef by xAshleyMxCustom Buttons- Kjhusky9615 by xAshleyMx

~Reference Sheet:~
Feral- $12.
Anthro- $20
$10 Extra for each pose/perspective added. ( Back View/Side View, etc)
$5 for three headshots featuring the character displaying different emotions
Kaevon Reference Sheet by xAshleyMxSkog Reference Sheet by xAshleyMxValentine Ref 2012 by xAshleyMx

-Silly- $18
-Non-Silly- $20
$4 Extra for each additional character for Non-Silly loops.
Romantic Snowy Adventure Awaits by xAshleyMxGo To Sleep, Kitty by xAshleyMxSpyro's Adventure by xAshleyMx

Featuring Ferals- $30
Featuring Anthros- $45
$4 Extra for each additional character.
$10 for voices/Lip syncing
Note: Animation Snippets have a maximum of 1 min. I won't go beyond that.
The Love Chase by xAshleyMxSamara's Assassin by xAshleyMxThe One Who Lived At The Table by xAshleyMx

~Terms of Services:~

-I only accept payment by PAYPAL ONLY.
-If you have any questions regarding commissions or you are interested in one, please NOTE me. I won't discuss the commission otherwise.
-Payment will need to be received BEFORE I start a commission. If you can't provide full payment right then and there, I can reserve a slot until you are able to do so.
-If I haven't started your piece I will gladly refund in full. If you request a refund after a sketch has been provided for you, I will refund half of what you paid. However, refunds are not an option or negotiable for completed works.

-As the commissioner, it is your responsibility to provide a proper ref of a character you would like to have drawn. If you don't have a proper ref- give a really detailed description and I will be happy to work everything out for you.
- Major changes won't be made after completion, so be sure to mention if you would like anything changed during WIP/sketch stages.
-If there is a commission you would like to have done before a certain date. Please send me a note ahead of time to insure you that you will get your commission before or on said date.
-Please have patience as some commissions take longer than others. Real Life situations can get in the way of completing a commission too. If it is something big, I will try to let everyone know.
- Please be specific on any details that you find important for your commission. ( Character personalities, poses, information, etc), I am not held responsible for any details you left out that you wanted shown in the commission.
-If I am not comfortable with what you desire for your commission or how I am treated, I have every right to refuse to work for you.

-You are allowed to repost your completed commission on your gallery/website/blog if you wish, or use it as an avatar. However, proper credit must be given.
-You may not trace, sale for profit, heavily edit, or claim that you created the artwork.

What I will draw:
-Animals ( Feral or Anthro)
-Fantasy/Mythical Creatures ( Dragons, Aliens, Griffons, etc)
-Art featuring same-Sex Couples
-Art featuring partial nudity or romantic situations (No exposed genitals) <--THIS IS FOR FURAFFINITY ONLY

What I will NOT draw:
-Hardcore Porn
-Pictures featuring extreme fetishes ( Scat, Vomit, Vore, Watersports,etc.)
-Any art featuring heavily detailed machines.
-Any art expressing hate towards another user, group, race or any sort of organization.
-Hate Art/Anti-Art for any sort of TV show, movie, book, etc.

~If you have any questions, Feel Free to ask me.~ 

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